A wealth of experience

It all started with the father of the family, who travelled to Central and South America in the early 1970s, where he first of all sold second-hand woodworking machinery to the local plywood, sawmill and furniture industries. Since then, a familiar contact has been maintained with the proprietary factories.

Bittnerholz 1997

In 1997, one of the sons, Eric Bittner, established his own company and also made his way to South America, in this case, however, to buy his father's customers products and market them on an exclusive basis in Europe.

In the beginning, it was a pure brokerage or agency business. Over the years, though, it has expanded into an import operation with storage facilities for very special, exclusive products.


Nowadays, we supply products to wholesale timber traders and importers as well as to industries such as wagon, yacht and caravan manufacturers, to name but a few. Our customers are located in Germany and other European countries, as well as in South and Central America. Since 2008, we have been cooperating with our associates (only in Germany) in processing our exclusive wood and manufacturing not only furniture, but also flooring and patio systems. This is a consistent step towards producing finished wood products.

We see ourselves as pioneers, who offer and market "unknown" and "exotic" products. We deliberately avoid the mass-production business, focusing on introducing innovative products to the market.